How to Home Roast Coffee gene cafe cbr-101, Home Roasting is Easy with the CBR-101

How to Home Roast Coffee gene cafe cbr-101, Home Roasting is Easy with the CBR-101

Join me on my journey join me! I’m showing you how to roast some Ethiopian coffee in the Gene Cafe home roaster.

it’s available here,

Home Roast up to 250g of green coffee beans in about 15 minutes with the easy-to-use Gene Cafe CBR-101.
Fully viewable roast chamber and fully adjustable time and temperature allow for maximum control over your home roasts.
Unique 3D off-axis rotation ensures an even home roast every time.
Impressively quiet operation.

The Gene Cafe Roaster This new home roaster has a combination of a drum and a fluid bed home roaster which coffee aficionados will love in this new innovative design. The Gene Roaster allows more flexibility to control the roast while having a greater visual advantage with its tempered glass drum design. The home roaster’s drum has an innovative vortex twisting motion that allows the beans to tumble evenly while hot air circulates around them. Large capacity chamber allow home roasting batches up to 300grams to as small as 50grams. Since the key to producing the perfect roast is having more control over the variables. Two knobs on the front of the unit can be adjusted for time and temperature. A manual cool button allows you to stop the home roasting process at any point you feel the coffee is ready. While some of the better roasting machines allow you to program your roast; once the roasting process begins, the flexibility to make changes are limited, if any. The Gene Cafe Roaster has added this feature so that you can make unlimited changes in the temperature and/or time settings before and during the roast. (Since not all beans roast the same- this is a great feature – we love that!) The cool cycle takes place in the drum. When the eternal temps reach 140 F, the drum stops and alerts the roaster with an auditable beep. The unit’s operation is impressively quiet. It may take a few roasts to discern from the pops in the roasting stages from the beans hitting the glass as they tumble. In addition to the illustrated owner’s manual, a 1 year warranty is included with the roaster. Additional parts include an attachable chaff collector which sits on the side, a chamber support which holds the chamber when not in use, and cup to measure for beans. Never leave a roaster unattended when roasting coffee.



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